Brief Thoughts on the PS4

So I picked up a PS4 on launch day (thank you, Amazon, for making it so neurotically antisocial people like myself never have to talk to other people unless absolutely necessary), and honestly I’m kind of regretting it. There’s nothing wrong with the newest iteration of the Playstation – it’s a great system. Sleek, quiet, good interface. It’s just that the launch titles leave a lot to be desired. It’s my own fault, because I checked out the titles that would be available and saw nothing that caught my eye except for cross-generation titles (ie, Injustice, Black Flag) but my eyes were filled with visions of what would come – Dragon Age: Inquisition! Final Fantasy XV! The Witcher 3! All in glorious 1080p! I bought a new television, for Christ’s sake!


The only other time I’ve bought a launch console is when I got the Wii. Now the Wii had a fairly decent launch or near-launch lineup, along with the allure of the Virtual Console. Of course, the system ultimately ended up sucking as an actual gaming console because of the sub-par graphics and the lack of third party support. Poor Nintendo. My inner 10-year old aches for them. But that’s a story for another time.

I made a lot of assumptions. I assumed that Sony would have a decent catalog of past games on PSN, if not at launch, then soon after. I assumed that even on cross-gen games, the graphics would blow me away. I assumed that there would be more to occupy my time than Black Flag (which is surprisingly good, by the way.) All my fault. I should have waited until there was a better selection of games out, but I have never been a particularly patient person.

I will admit, the XBox One’s launch catalog is slightly superior. However, I’m one of the many still butthurt over the privacy issues with the system, even if MS has backtracked on them. I love my 360, and I’m not saying I’ll never get an Xbone, but I’m going to wait for a while and see how things turn out with it. Ultimately, I think I would have been disappointed had I gotten a launch One, too.

So yeah, probably not ever getting a launch system again. I don’t completely regret my purchase, because I know good games are coming and I know that the PS4 is going to do amazing things – look at graphics from early PS3 games compared to PS3’s The Last of Us, for instance. But right now, it feels like a marginal step up.

One response to “Brief Thoughts on the PS4

  1. Great article! We can’t wait to see more. 🙂

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