My Inner 10-Year Old Just Wept With Joy

Take a look at this! A 1990 Nintendo World Championship Cart has made its way onto eBay again. These buggers are rare. At the time I’m writing this, the bid is up to $6,001 and I’ve got to tell you. . .if I had thousands of dollars to throw around for a plastic hunk of childhood nostalgia, that cart would be mine. Unfortunately, it’ll just have to wait until I’m a billionaire and I fill my carriage house with rare games and gold-plated Neo-Geos.

Picture courtesy

Picture courtesy

I remember the Nintendo World Championships. I’m that old. I was eight years old in 1990, but already very attached to my NES, which explains why I grew up so chubby and pale.  The Wizard (it’s not THAT bad) had just come out, so the idea of video game competitions was already something I was familiar with. The closest competition to us was in Atlanta, and I begged my parents to let me compete. I had some pretty vivid daydreams of standing on a platform with my medal, Mario and Princess Toadstool standing on either side of me, and an adoring and stunned crowd gazing upon this ingenue of an eight-year-old girl. I had no idea what the prizes were. Apparently it was a Geo Metro, so it’s a good thing I didn’t take the world by storm with my leet gaming skills.

Still, I can’t help but to entertain a fantasy where I grab a few of my gamer friends, fire the cartridge up, and hold our own damn Nintendo World Championship.  Instead, I’ll just have to settle for digging the NES out of the closet and making them play Excitebike until their eyeballs bleed.

EDIT:  The bid is up to $30,000 now. I don’t even know that Alternate Universe Millionaire Casey would pay that much for a cartridge with the label torn off.

2 responses to “My Inner 10-Year Old Just Wept With Joy

  1. Wretched Simmons

    I so wanted to be Fred Savage when we were 10.

    • Oh God, right? I can look at that movie with a critical eye now, but as weird little kids, The Wizard was like. . .the ultimate fantasy. Go to Califorrrrnia, rule at playing video games, solve all your problems, become successful, boom!

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