February Currents

Listening to – OK Go – Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. I have fond memories of OK Go – this guy I dated for a little bit loved them, and I swear to God we’d listen to Oh No on repeat for hours. One thing I can say for the men in my life is that they have all had excellent taste in music.

ReadingOdd Thomas by Dean Koontz, on my boss’ recommendation. We have very similar tastes in media, to my great shame. I normally don’t read genre authors like Dean Koontz, but Boss sold me on this – fry cook sees dead people, tries to help them, sees weird creatures who are portents of disaster. Good stuff. I need to stop being such a book snob, I guess.

WatchingBlack Sails. Pirates. You know how I feel about pirates. Need I say more? PIRATES. Pirates. I wish I were a pirate. I mean, it’s no Game of Thrones, but. . .pirates.

PlayingTomb Raider Definitive Edition for PS4. I’ll be writing a longer entry about this later, but for now let me say that it is a fantastic game, and possibly my favorite Tomb Raider game yet. Some of the scenes and Lara’s actions make me a little uncomfortable though.

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