30 Day Video Game Challenge 3 – Most Underrated Game

Is Katamari Damacy underrated? I guess not, not by people who have played it. But it has attained something of a cult hit status. I first heard about it when I was a junior (okay, I had probably been a junior for two or three years at this point thanks to numerous changes in major and one school transfer) in college.

Look at that shit. And that’s just the intro. I sat there on my bed after I’d fired the game up on the PS2 for the first time watching this and just sort of. . .gaping at it, like what in the everloving fuck is this? And I’m pretty sure that’s a common reaction to the game.  I mean, listen. I don’t watch anime. I’m not an otaku. This was my first introduction to this kind of tomfoolery!

Katamari Damacy is awesome in particular because it’s got gameplay that’s extremely easy to learn (you use the controller to roll a ball around and that’s basically it), but still challenges you as you go through the levels. The premise, for those of you who haven’t played it, is that you are The Prince of All Cosmos, and you’re rolling up shit – like, ALL the shit – for your dad, the King, who is the giant purple-and-blue thing coming out of the sky in that video. You start out rolling up garbage, people, pets, animals, plants and then graduate to rolling up islands, countries, and eventually the moon. Or the sun. Some planetary body. I can’t remember. But you’ve got time limits and size limits and that can get real tricky in later levels.

And the music. The intro song, though particularly catchy, is just a taste. It’s all bizarre and awesome and you’ll find it getting stuck in your head at the worst times.

Katamari Damacy was followed by a bevy of sequels, but this one and We Love Katamari are definitely the most worthwhile (though to be fair, I haven’t played the PSP game.)

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