30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 4 – Guilty Pleasure Game

Almost everybody hates Dragon Age II. I can understand why. It’s nowhere near as deep as Dragon Age Origins, the combat is simplistic and you run the same five damn dungeons OVER AND OVER again. However, I like it. No, it’s nowhere near as great as DA:O, but on it’s own, it’s a fun little game. I like the story.

But really, I like it because it is, as I call it, my angsty mage dating simulator.

Anders is an idiot (for reasons I won’t go into in case you haven’t played the game), but I am a sucker for angst-ridden romantic interests.

“For three years, I have lain awake every night, aching for you.” – I mean DAMN, Anders. You smooth devil. The most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me is “I’ll buy you anything under $20 at the liquor store.”

7 responses to “30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 4 – Guilty Pleasure Game

  1. I played Dragon Age 2 before I played Origins, (I’m logical like that) so I had no reference of quality. I remember I LOVED it. After playing Origins, of course, I can see how it’s lacking now, but I still prefer the characters in DA2.

    Also, the rivalry romance with Anders is on another level. So. much. angst.

    • I am very attached to my warden from the first game, but I think you’re right in that DA II has better characters over all. Each party member has a really appealing story!

      (And yes. Oh goodness, I did manage to do a rival romance with Anders once and holy crap.)

  2. Haha – I really like the Fenris romance, I have absolutely no idea why since I always manage to max my rivalry with him.

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