30 Day Video Game Challenge Day 5 – Game Character You are Most Like

I found a 30 Day Video Game challenge on Tumblr, but I’m so wordy that it would be impractical to post my thoughts there.  So instead, it’s going to be a series of blog entries! Enjoy.

 So today, the topic is which game character I’m most like. Does my main in WoW count? Fighty, mouthy, drunk dwarf. Hilariously ineffectual. Sounds enough like me!


She’s cheering because she’s in a tavern, see.

Buuuuut I guess that’s because I created her. So she probably doesn’t count (sorry, Bj.)

There are not, to my knowledge, a lot of game characters that have personalities similar to my own. I’m not the type of person you put in a game. I’m the type of person you put in the back of a bar. Maybe a holding cell. I do feel empathetic toward Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite, dreaming about all these places all over the world but stuck in your own little tower. The similarities stop with the tearing rips through the space-time continuum, though. I’ve also never had a giant mechanical bird babysit me. I did have a babysitter who would let me eat all the Oreos I wanted, though, so I mean, you know. I feel like I came out on top, here.

But now if we’re talking about characters I would like to be like, lets go with Samus Aran. I haven’t played all eight hojillion Metroid games, but I’ve played a few, ever since the first one came out and I’ve got this picture of Samus as this tough, quiet, space-cowboy type. She fights space pirates, you guys. How awesome is that? I want to fight space pirates. She’s a bad-ass hero. She’d kick Master Chief’s spartan rear. I’m a little upset about this slinky Zero Suit thing they have her in these days, but that’s a post for another time.

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