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DIY Ways to be Beautiful

1.)For more youthful-looking skin, exfoliate with road spikes.

2.) Gather enough kittens to match your body weight. Cover yourself in them.

3.)Tie a red string around the trunk of a willow tree during a full moon and walk around it three times while calling out to Astarte, the ancient goddess of beauty and warfare.

4.)Peel your skin from your bones and evolve beyond this paltry jumble of flesh and bone that anchors you to your mortal state.

5.)Defeat a model in combat. Paint your face with her blood. Absorb her essence.

Homemade Sea Salt Hair Spray!

Ever since I discovered sea salt hair spray, my life has been changed, guys. I always liked the texture of my hair after a day at the beach or the pool. It made me feel like a sexy, sexy pirate queen. And so when the commercial sea salt sprays got popular, I was excited – but it was hard to find one that worked well, and the ones that did basically cost as much as a trip to the beach anyway.

However, this is the age of Pinterest and DIY, and so of course it turns out there are plenty of recipes online to make your own salt spray. I’ve tried a few of them, and I came up with my own, adapted from this recipe by Wellness Mama.  She uses epsom salts, but I found they didn’t work as well for me as using pure sea salt. This is so much cheaper (and healthier!) than the store bought stuff. My hair is very curly and thin/fine, but this stuff bulks it up and gives it lots of texture. I don’t think that it will give you curls if your hair is not naturally curly, but it will definitely give you texture.

Behold, my magnificent jewfro!

Behold, my magnificent jewfro!

8 oz hot filtered water
1 tbs finely ground sea salt
1 tsp water soluble hair gel
A few drops jojoba oil (it depends on how dry/frizzy your hair is. I use 2 drops.)
A drop of rosemary essential oil for scent (you could use any essential oil, I’m sure)

Fill a spray bottle (I used an empty heat protectant spray bottle I had, but you can buy them anywhere) with the water, add the rest of the ingredients, and shake until salt is dissolved. Use the finest (as in texture, not quality, haha) sea salt you can find, so that the grains will dissolve easier. You can use this on damp or dry hair. In the picture, I used it on my hair both damp and then dry for a little pick me up, and that’s the only product in there.