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A Postpourri

I’ve got a few random pictures to dump on you tonight – a little recap of what I’ve been up to since last we spoke.

posterSo see that rad poster with the bullfighter on it? It’s roughly 40 years old and came directly from Spain. It was my uncle’s, back when they lived in Italy in the 70s. We are cleaning out grandma’s house (which means I also got a buttload of vintage tupperware!), and I saw that poster, fell in love with it, and my uncle very generously let me have it. It’s not the best photo because my hands were shaky, but you get the idea how the beautiful yellow of the poster looks against the blue wall. I don’t know if that’s going to be its permanent home yet, but I like it there for now.

tiramisuI made tiramisu! It’s no bake and INCREDIBLY easy, as long as you know how to separate eggs and have a little electric hand mixer at least. I didn’t know how to separate eggs (I don’t do a lot of baking), and learning was. . .harder than I anticipated, but after I got that sorted out, it was smooth sailing. I got the recipe from here, but I substituted the coffee in the recipe for Godiva chocolate liqueur. It turned out beautifully. Do know that it involves raw eggs though, if you’re not into that.

wreathHow to be crafty, Casey edition: buy some shit at Michael’s, tie it together, hang it on your door. Boom, done. Now give me my show.