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Recipe: Spicy Basil Pork Stir Fry

Guys I just made the best stir fry I have ever made.  I wanted to make something a little bit like a Thai-er version of lettuce wraps, except without the lettuce because lettuce is basically just shitty watermelon, and without having to go to some godawful chain restaurant and paying $10 for it. So I made this up.

Because I am low-carbing it, I made this as sort of a dry stir-fry, with just enough sauce to coat the meat (heh, meat.) But if you want to eat it over rice, and of course you do because you are a human being presumably, just increase the broth to a cup and stir-in like 3 tsp of cornstarch in the sauce.

So, on with the show.



1 lb ground pork (or chicken, or beef, or tofu or rocks or whatever – it needs to be ground up though)

2 TB ginger

I didn’t measure the garlic, but you probably know how much garlic you like in stuff. I threw in about four cloves.

5 oz can of water chestnuts (WHAT ARE THESE THINGS)

A splash of oil


1/2 cup chicken broth

1 tsp chili-garlic paste (Like this. Everybody’s got a boner for sriracha but I honestly like this stuff better. It’s a little spicier and not as sweet.)

1 tsp brown sugar

1 TB fish sauce (you heard me. If you leave this out I’ll know. I will KNOW. And I’ll come to your house in the middle of the night and put a bottle of fish sauce under your pillow.)

2 1/2 TB soy sauce

4 TB lime juice (fresh, preferably, but I’m not going to go all Martha Stewart on you)

Mix ingredients, set aside


A handful of basil – again, I didn’t really measure but it was a good handful of leaves

3 or 4 chopped green onions



So you mixed up all your sauce ingredients like a good kid. Now chop up the garlic, ginger, and water chestnuts. Or be super lazy like me and throw them in the food processor because knives are for hooligans!

Heat the pan on medium high, drizzle some oile in there, and toss in the garlic, ginger and chestnuts. Cook until the garlic and ginger are fragrant – about a minute.

Throw the meat in the pan and if it’s chicken or pork you make sure it is cooked right the hell up because I don’t want your lingering, worms-eating-your-intestines-horror-movie-style death from trichinosis or whatever on my conscience. Does that even happen? I don’t know. Either way, cook your pork. If I’m having to tell you that though, you probably aren’t really cooking stuff in the first place so forget I just said all of that. Just shut up and throw the damn meat in the pan.

After it’s cooked, stir in the sauce, making sure everything is coated thoroughly. Do that for a minute or so, turn off the heat, toss in the green onions and basil and enjoy!


To me, this didn’t turn out very spicy. I had to add some more chili sauce after I cooked it. But I would recommend you still stick with a tsp (or even half a teaspoon if you’re not real big on spice) and adjust from there. It’s easier to add it in than it is to take it out!

Next time I make this I think I’ll add cabbage and carrots. It would make it healthier and add more crunch.